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The Mkabayi, is an intervention aimed at reducing violence against women the prevalence and incidence of HIV by increasing women’s access to land, economic opportunities and decision-making through consciousness raising, solidarity between women and activism.

The Mkabayi concept remains our core programme that we run. In addition, we are peripherally involved in a mass mobilization and HCT testing campaign funded by USAID in partnership with FHI360. We are also recipients of an award from DiFD through SAMRC to implement a cluster randomized control trial of Stepping Stones Creating Futures with 1 280 young men and women from informal settlements in eThekwini.


There have been a range of successes associated with the intervention. The project has sustained over fifteen consciousness-raising groups involving the participation of more than three hundred women over the past three tears. These consciousness-raising groups have provided spaces for women to develop a common understanding of their experiences, reduce individual blame and increase collective analysis, solidarity and collective action.

In addition, the project has worked closely to develop more than ten women as leaders. These leaders have co-ordinated group meetings, ensured communication between groups and co-ordinated collective action.

The project has also led to sustained activism by women in the community. This activism has secured women’s rights to economic participation, to access land, to participate in decision-making and to political participation.

The programme is implemented in the Ndumo area as well as the eThekwini District. In the Ndumo area, Mkabayi is present in eJozini int the areas of Maphindlela, Mwayi and Mathanti. In the eThekwini area Mkabayi effects change in Umlazi, Zwelisha, Dakota, Clare Estate, Bhambayi and Mhlasini.

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